Kaidence King - Blind date chastity slave

Added: 25-01-2023

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This video starts with me in a minidress and heels, walking down the street towards my apartment door and telling you how much I enjoyed our blind date. When I get to the door, I invite you in. We kiss and it’s not long before we’re passionately making out as we stumble towards my bedroom. I push you back on to the bed, kissing you, then tell you to strip down to your underwear while I do the same. Once we’re both in nothing but our underwear, I straddle you and we continue making out. As things start to heat up, I reach down and take off your underwear. I immediately burst out laughing. “Oh my God, it’s tiny!” Your dick is so small that my British politeness abandons me, and I can’t hold back my laughter and my cruel comments, giving you SPH and calling you a loser and a wanker. I tell you that I did genuinely enjoy our date, so whilst you obviously can’t be my boyfriend with a tiny cock like that, I would like to keep you around as my slave. I take a chastity cage out of a drawer and lock it around your small dick, telling you that you are not a man, you’re just my sissy chastity slave. I even grab you by your neck and slap your face several times, to really drive home how pathetic I find you, and how I intend to treat you. For the remaining ~11 minutes of the video, I tease you with my body and my breasts, slapping you and kissing you, teasing you and hitting you, humiliating you and degrading you, and telling you exactly how you’re going to serve me as my little dick sissy chastity slave from now on. At the end, I pick up the keys to your cage and head towards the door. “I’m going to leave you in here for a while. You can try and break out if you want, but you won’t have any luck, trust me... Bye!”
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