Andrea Rosu and Luna Lain - Caged Tiny Sissy - High Heels

Added: 25-01-2023

Sit tight my little tiny sissy loser.  Theres nowhere for you to go now that youre locked away in your tiny cage/new home.  Im going out to run some errands.  Dont make me regret leaving you unintended.  There will be severe consequences.
While Im gone, my friend (your ex) walks in (played by Luna Lain) to find you napping in your tiny cage.  She thinks your new look: shaved, blonde wig, tiny little frilly dress, and pretty pink lipstick, is hysterical!  Your new Mistress really outdid herself.
Luna wakes you up because she wants to have some fun at your expense.  She puts you down on the floor and kicks you around like a tiny little bug.  Shes just about to squish you when I walk in.  I like where this is going, and Im about to join in when Luna stops me.  Crushing him into nothingness is far too easy.  She has a much better idea for you:
Were going to whore you out.  Its time you use the pretty little pink mouth to good use.  Youre going to suck dick and drink semen until you burst!!  Luna and I find that idea to be utterly delightful!  
And apparently you do too!  We notice that insignificant little dick get hard.  Were laughing so hard!!  Jerk to the idea of you sucking dick.  Thats right, make yourself cum to us whoring you out.  Jerk that almost invisible prick and cum on yourself.  You better get used to swallowing.  Open wide and lick yourself clean, lick off all that sticky gross cum.

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