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Added: 21-01-2023

This was a custom video:
Hi Clara, hope you are well. I am craving another clip from you! My clip idea is this: I am a detective investigating the recent disappearances of several men in the area, who all happen to have been dating you before their disappearance. I come to your house to ask you some questions. You initially act very sweet and innocent, shocked at hearing this news. You are wearing some sexy stockings + garters, and as time goes on you begin to notice me staring at your legs and feet. You use this to your advantage, gradually teasing me more and more, crossing legs, rubbing them together, etc. Eventually you ask me directly, and I admit how aroused I am by your sexy attire. You tell me it's ok, that many men have this reaction when seeing you. You offer to let me stroke in front of you, and I can't resist the offer. You become more dominant, ordering me to get on my knees, kiss your legs and feet, laughing at me, etc. while I stroke. Finally you count me down, and afterwards you give me a big kiss. You laugh, telling me that your lipstick is poisonous, and I have met the same fate as the others! I hope you like this idea :)
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