LucySpanks - Armpit JOI and Humiliation

Added: 21-01-2023

this is probably one of My new favorite clips. Starts with Me sitting pretty, knowing that you are watching Me and beginning to bask in My perfection. With My arms above My head I ask, "See anything you like, beta?" Of fucking course you do, my lip[ stick. blonde hair, pale skin and short school girl skirt with fishnets is already having you buzzing. you are a lonely loser waiting for Goddess attention. its your lucky day bitch, because you have mine. after a bit of verbal, i explain that Usually I let losers like you jerk to My feet but today you are in for a fucking treat: MY ARMPITS . I slither in closer and you get to see My beautiful face along with My lightly haired pits. I dont shave them but the hairs are blonde , my pits are perfect. My pits and mouth are going to fuck you up for the rest of the clip, with messages on screen reminding you that your only purpose in this world right now is to STROKE TO MY FUCKING PITS. i want you to edge for every hair on my pits. My pits . Arm Pits are just pussies for losers. the eye contact and dirty talk, controlling, bitchy talk in this clip is going to drive you wild. you just love having permission to stroke to Goddess. I want you to let yourself go to new beta heights in this video, allow yourself to stroke yourself down into the most pathetic desperate creature for My pits. I will let you know when to slow down and speed up, maybe I will even DEMAND that you cum. You'll just need to get the clip and experience it for yourself little bitch.
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