Goddess Blonde Kitty - Shrinking Your Ego

Added: 21-01-2023

I’ve noticed your anti-social behaviour My darling. I was so concerned about you that while you were in the shower I looked through your phone. I was shocked at what I found! Porn of women calling you worthless and a loser. But I also found these strange videos… Porn of women shrinking men. What’s even worse, the women in the videos look just like Me. Just like your step-mommy. How could you!?
I won’t have you doing this anymore. You need to get this all out of your system. That’s why I’m going to shrink you down myself. But not just shrinking you physically, I’m going to humiliate you so much your self esteem will shrink as well. The truth will hurt. I want it to hurt. But a freak like you will probably get even more turned on by that. Pump for Me you short loser. You barely even come up to My tits with how tall you are now! Note: This was filmed as a custom - The name ‘Gregory’ is mentioned a few times, price is lower to reflect that.
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