Goddess Serina - Youre Mine

Added: 19-01-2023

She will never be me. You can go on a hundred dates, have a dozen relationships, and none of them will measure up to me. I bet you don’t close your eyes when you kiss her, you’re too afraid you’ll see my face when you do. Aren’t you. You can try all you want to convince yourself that you’re over me, that you hate me, but you’re not over me and you don’t hate me, you love me. You’ll always love me. You’re sitting there watching me touch myself, telling you how she will never be me and you know deep down that everything I’m saying is the truth. And it makes you want me even more doesnt it. Makes you miss my touch even more. Makes you miss the way I’d look at you, kiss you, and fuck you more than you ever have. Nobody will fuck you the way I did, wake you up in the middle of the night and ride you like I did. Don’t you miss me. I know you do. You always miss me. That girl you’re going out with could never compare to me. I’m always on your mind. I told you, you’re mine and you’re always going to be mine.

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