DiemTictactoe - Slave training day 2 custom

Added: 18-01-2023

Order details: Come here, slave. Here, slave, kneel on the ground! Remember that you are mine now, you are my property. You belong to me, you are like my puppy (laughs). I bought you at the resort, I have all rights over you. You are my slave! Come on, smell my feet. Do they have foot odor? They are?? Why, you must LOVE the smell of my feet, slave! Say you love my feet, slave... Say you LOVE your Owner's feet, your Master... Don't be disgusted, because you will do much more than that for me. You will clean my "s h i t", slave. Yes, of course, now you are MINE! You have to obey me because I own you. You'll get used to my feet and my "s h i t". Yes, I'll call you at the bathroom, like this "Slave, slave, come here. Come here, slave, come here to clean my "s h i t!" Later, when we're walking through the mall, with you walking behind me in silence and looking down at my feet, you'll remember everything you're OBLIGED to do for me, and you'll know who you belong to. You belong to me, slave, you are mine now. Well, go put your collar on because we're going shopping. Come on slave, come after me. That, very well slave, behind me. Come after your Owner, slave...
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