Natalie Wonder - Fucked And Filled - Mommy Can Never Get Enough Of It

Added: 05-11-2023

This was a commissioned video.  No specific names were used.  For your own personalized fantasy please contact me for details.
Script -->I've watched all your other step-mommy/ gangbang clips and think they're so fucking hot.  For this custom I'd like something similar but this time adding in that you're also pregnant (since you are).  You have no idea which one of those boys got you pregnant because you've been fucked by so many.  And you don't even care.  All you care about is more boys sticking their horny dicks inside you and getting filled with more cum.  I'd like three separate scenes to this video.  
First one starts with your step-son (pov) staring at your while you're sprawled out half naked on the bed napping.  You're exhausted from being constantly fucked.  Your legs are spread open and you can see patches of wetness and cum on your pussy and thighs.  If you could have a hairy pussy that would be great.  You wake up to see your step-son standing there.  You immediately ask if he brought home more boys for step-mommy.  You touch your pussy and it excites you to feel all that wet cum.  There's even more still inside you!  You've gotten fucked and filled with semen so much that you feel cum ().  It's turned into an addiction.  It's your first thought when you wake up.  You're lucky to have a young step-son that can go out and get his young friends to come fuck step-mom.  And now look what's happened!  One of those boys got step-mommy pregnant!  Who was it?  Who knows!  You don't care.  Step-Son says he has a surprise.  There's a couple boys downstairs wanting to fuck.  They're just finishing up their homework.  One of them is even a virgin!  Your favorite.  You'll teach him exactly where to stick that young horny peepee.  You realize step-son is jealous but in a weird way it's a turn on too.  You promise your step-son that after the boys fuck you, he can fuck you.  Step-Mommy saves the best cum load for last.  But first he has to watch step-mommy's pussy get pumped.  
This starts the second scene.  You're on the edge of the bed telling the virgin not to be nervous.  He'll forget all about his nervousness when he sticks his hard cock inside you.  You get a little dominant telling him how to do it as you look back at your step-son who's watching you.  Be very descriptive and lots of dirty talk.  You want more of that hot sperm.  I'd love it if you could turn and say to your step-son "Oh yeah baby stroke your dick while you watch your step-mommy get fucked."  You mention again about how you have no idea which one of your step-son's friends got you pregnant.  You've been fucked by fifty even sixty boys!  
In the final scene you make that virgin boy (not a virgin no more though) stay in the room while step-son fucks you.  Step-Mommy wants to look at some young eye candy while her pussy gets pumped and filled by her boy.  Please use as much dirty talk as possible and call step-son a dirty motherfucker while he's fucking you.  Seriously your dirty talk is top notch!  Thanks again!

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