Humiliation POV - Goddess Allexandra - My Stupid Stroking Puppet Triggered By My Voice In Your Head

Added: 05-11-2023

Goddess Allexandra! This clip is a neurolinguistic nightmare for your brain. Goddess Allexandra's cadence, her tone, her words, her voice will melt you and reprogram you as she implants triggers into your mind. There are ear to ear audio trigger programs that will confuse you and make you ripe for reprogramming. The audio for this clip is simply mind numbing!
You can't stop staring, can you loser? You're totally mesmerized by my ass and my tits. You're a fucking junkie. You just can't help yourself. You're a complete fucking pervert. When you're out in public or at work, you try not to stare, but the urge just overwhelms you. It's probably because you're a sexless freak, you're never fully satisfied. And now, you're arousal is heightened. You will be triggered by my voice in your fucking head every time you see me.
I want you staring and gooning, completely losing yourself to me. This is your escape. This is where you come to mindlessly wrap your hand around your cock and fucking stroke it for me. You want to be a good boy for me, but how can you be a good boy when you're so fucking pathetic? Keep staring at my ass and tits. It feels so good to stroke for them. Keep pumping for me as I erase your brain cells until you have nothing left and you won't even fucking know yourself any more by the time I'm done with you.
You are my stupid stroking puppet and my dangerous triggers pull on your strings and leave you feeling weak and vulnerable. Easy to manipulate. I'm going to use my body and my mind against you. You're my mindless ass and tits gooner. Your cock will betray you every single fucking time lol! And that's why you're locked away in your room, stroking away, consumed by your own self loathing, your own guilt. And then you come crawling to me, so desperate, on your hands and knees exactly where you fucking belong, exactly where I will fucking keep you lol.
And I have implanted my triggers into your mind so you are nothing but helpless, desperate addict. You're going to goon away the rest of your brain cells until there is nothing left of your former self. You want your hand wrapped around your dick as you stroke your pathetic manhood for me, as you sink into the abyss that is your perverted, aroused mind. As you stare and goon and fall down deep into subspace.
And as you are unpopular and no one likes you, no one is going to miss you, so this is exactly where you belong. I want you weak and feeling so ashamed of yourself. So ashamed that it actually turns you on even more, knowing that each time you fucking relapse-fantasy you will fall harder and deeper and there is no running away from this. There is only sinking deeper down into oblivion.
As you escape into subspace, you fucking stare. As you lose all control. And each pump brings you closer to me. I want you stroking to my ass and tits on the screen knowing exactly what's going to happen. You can't escape me, you can't escape your destiny. You can't control yourself. You are nothing without me. You will be trapped in an endless gooning cycle, never breaking free, always repeating yourself, coming crawling back for your next fix because you're such a weak addicted addict that you can't fucking help yourself.
And like a puppet I will pull on your strings and I will have you coming back to me over and over and I will drain you for everything you are worth and you will have nothing left. And I will show absolutely no remorse because I don't give a fuck about you. And you will be so mesmerized, so mindfucked that you can't help but to keep fucking jerking and relapsing-fantasy. And it will feel so amazing to lose yourself to me, to sink into that inescapable bliss. And cumming for me and giving in is only the start. By emptying your balls to me you are only starting your addiction. You are only admitting that you are a puppet. I want you to cum and betray yourself while you stare at my ass and tits while you say, 'Yes Goddess.'
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