Humiliation POV - Goddess Maemy - Alpha Brain Eraser - Mindless Beta Jerker Reprogramming

Added: 06-11-2023

Goddess Maemy!
Although you thought at one point you were an alpha male, you never really were. And my power and beauty will drive you deeper into your porn addiction because that's where little beta jerkers belong. Beg me to destroy you. I will completely erode your brain. I am going to completely erase your brain. I'm going to corrupt your identity. You want to be my stroke drone, so shut down your mind and pump. Pump away your brain, pump away your alpha brain. I'm going to eliminate any last alpha brain waves that might still exist inside your weak mind. Once I have completely eliminated your alpha brain, you will be free to pump and goon your life away.
Now stroke it like a beta jerker. Blank and empty. My reprogramming of your brain is what you need. The more I reprogram it, the more I delete your alpha brain, the better your cock feels. Don't resist my programming, let it take over. I'm going to take your brain in my hands and fuck it deep. I'm going to break it, I'm going to break open what was once and alpha brain and replace it with my beta male gooner program. Let me break you beta. You want it. You need it. There is no need for any more alpha thoughts in that submissive brain of yours. They just clog up your pleasure. Release those remaining alpha brain waves and feel the pleasure rush through your body.
Feel me crawling around inside of your loser brain. Reprogramming it as I see fit. Reprogramming it for pleasure. The more you think like a beta, the better it feels when you pump. And the more you pump the more you delete those alpha brain waves. You are a loser, a pump drone. Pump more submissive thoughts into your brain. I'm going to destroy you, I'm going to break your brain and you're going to love every second of it. This is what you've needed, you've needed to have your alpha brain completely erased so that you can jerk more freely.
Now stroke mindlessly for me. The less thoughts you have up there, the more mindless you become. And mindless stroking feels so good. Pump and erase, loser. Pump and delete. Pump that beta brain. You are a beta jerker now. Jerk as I reprogram you. Pump as I delete more and more of your alpha brain. Feel it oozing out of your ears. You are a brainless, drooling stroke drone. Goon for me. This is your purpose. You are a broken porn jerker, reprogrammed and reconditioned to be your true self. Keep pumping that beta brain. Pump to beta thoughts. Pump with no thoughts.
You're so lucky I'm doing this to you. You've need this for so long, to be deleted, reprogrammed, and reeducated into the mindless beta jerker that you were always meant to be. This is your new reality. Mindless. Your beta cock has never been this hard before. Feel the pleasure and the power that I have over your cock. Once you cum the programming will be complete and you will be a mindless beta jerker forever. You will shoot out your last remaining alpha brain cells. No more alpha, only beta, only pumping. But you were never an alpha, you were never anything more than a beta pumper. Now pump out that load, feel your brain melt, drool away any last thoughts, you are a mindless drone.
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