Miss Brynn - You Deserve This Executrix

Added: 27-12-2022

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Outfit, something like your ballbusting POV clip that shows your sexy legs come out of slit. and most sexy boots you have., and some sexy bra and panties underneath (the dress slit will come off later)
You mind control these men they do exactly what you tell them to do and when you say freeze” they have to stay in that position like they are paralysed.
Your a executrix and you have 5 guys in the room each have done a crime. Your job is to execute each one with the punishment that fits the crime, sone might be quick depending on what they did and some long and painful. You randomly pick the first guy, which your glad you chose him first to get him over with. And stupid him
Thinks your just a weak female.
You walk up to him put your hands on my shoulders as I look into your eyes and Tell him what i did and what your going to do to me I beat up my wife and hurt her. And my punishment is to be your kicking and punching bag, to break every bone in my body to destroy my organs and your fav part to destroy my cock and boys. Then you will finish me off .after you finished explaining you knee me hard in the balls with your hands still on my shoulders.
You decide to leave my cock and balls till last
First you break every one of my fingers and giving a reason for each break eg “this is for being a Kathryn husband” “thus finger won’t go inside anymore pussy” ect ect then break my arms so I can’t protect myself
You take your dress off so now your in bra and pantries.
Now you work my face starting with light slaps, that get harder and turn into
Punches breaking my nose, black eyes, knockout all my teeth, then a uppercut breaking my jaw
Rip and twist my nipples off
Work my ribs punching kicking them cracking them, then my stomachs.
Order me to spread my legs then you say “freeze” so I’m exactly how you want me. Then stomp on my thighs breaking each one so they permantky stay opened. Your sick of my screaming so you crush my vocal chords with your hands.
Now your fav part cock and balls, you take your bra off and pull your pants down slightly showing me your pussy, then putting panties back up, to get me hard. Then you break my hard cock with your hands and laugh at how it looks and decide might as well snip it off now it’s useless. You snip it off and throw it away and make me say goodbye to it.
Now my balls and the only thing left still hurtiny from your knee you explain how hard your boots are you begin some kicking with your boots several times then pushing me onto my back and stomping on them, and crushing as you grind one balls bursts and pops, you grab the other ball with your hand and last goodbye to it and squeeze twist and pop it.
Now every organ is destroyed and every bone broken you decide it’s time to finish me. You wrap your legs around me neck I see a great last view as you tell me there is one remaining bone left and you will finally give me a break and you twist and snap my neck ending me.
You stand up rub your hands and say who’s next?
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