The Tabitha Jane - Becoming A Femme With Help

Added: 17-11-2023

You've come to me to discuss something you've been troubled about. As your loving female head of house, I ask you what's going on. You explain you're uncomfortable in your body and upon asking why, you explain you like the feeling of being in traditionally women's clothing and want to wear makeup, etc. I'm happy for you making these sexual discoveries as every adult should be comfortable with theselves. I explained that I noticed oms eof my underwear missing so we will have to go proper panty shopping now that I see what's really happening. I'm always here to support you, of course, and I'll teach you everything you want to know. That's when you say there's a bit more... you're also interested in men but aren't confident in your ability to approach them in a sexual capacity. I'm happy to teach you all sorts of things, if you'd like. But first, we have to get you comfortable with talking about the things you're interested in doing with men. We start with talking about handjobs and blowjobs, and working our way up with training. We can start with some toys I can lend you... or even helping you since I do indeed have a little harness and dildo. I think we can train your gag reflexes and loosen your throat as well as your ass so you can have the best prostate orgasms. This training is very imprtant, so let's go get some practice toys from the store and I'll show you how I practice on mine as you mirror the actions wuth the toy for you. I'm so ahppy you confided in me and we are ready to go to the store and start!
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