Miss Alisandra - JOI Game With A Twist

Added: 17-11-2023

You are always ready to grab your cock and stroke for me, aren't you? What a perfect opportunity to play a game! I love playing with my boy toys, making them go crazy with lust, teasing your brain and cock away... And I know you'll never say no me, my perfect curves and seductive voice captivate you in a second. This game is very similar to the green light - red light games but with a teeny tiny little mean twist. You'll only be stroking when you cannot see my nipples! Yes indeed, you read it right - you'll pay for a jerk off experience where you won't even get to stroke to my topless breasts! Hahaha only a loser would do this, and guess what? You are one! My full natural breasts will be revealed to you only for you to be denied stroking until I cover them. Would a real man ever play a game like this? Certainly not. But you're not a real man, and I'll make sure to hammer that in. You'll be mercilessly teased and only allowed to stroke to my covered or pixelated tits, like the pathetic loser that you are. Those are the hottest pixels you've seen in your life! I simply have all the power over you, and it's too much fun to toy with you to miss the opportunity!
Good boys will pay double for this clip by sending a tribute of the same value with the note "Yes Miss Alisandra"!Losers will write "Losers pay double" and virgins will write "Virgins pay double".Aim to impress - simply send $100.
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 683,32 MB | 00:15:04


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