Miss Brynn - Girlfriend Cuckolds You Part 2

Added: 07-12-2022

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We have been dating, but you’re now sort of unhappy. I imagine that when we met you were really taken with me, I was attractive, thoughtful, kind, and helpful and made you feel really good about yourself after a bad boyfriend/relationship. All of this helped you overlook that you didn’t really enjoy sex with me, because of my size (4”), my lack of confidence and my poor/uncertain technique. You have put up with it for months because you wanted to make me happy, you were grateful for how kind/thoughtful I had been and you liked the rest of the relationship so much, but now you’ve gotten to the point where that is no longer enough. You are breaking up with me and when I react really badly – start crying, plead for another chance, tell you how much I love you, etc – you genuinely feel bad, want to let me down easy, don’t want to just ghost me, because you know how often it has happened to me in the past, but you have to be honest with me and the relationship/sex REALLY isn’t working for you. That sex isn’t an entire relationship but it is a really important part, and is very important to you and you can’t/don’t want to, continue our relationship because you know that I won’t ever be enough for you (perhaps you’ve already cheated and feel bad about it or maybe that is in a later clip). You don’t need some mammoth cock, but you do need someone adequate (unless huge IS your preference) and I won’t ever be that. My reaction I so desperate and I am so distraught that you sort of lose your nerve and we (you really, but you’re trying to be kind) decide to take some time to think it over/mull/marinate before “we” make a final decision. Just this postponement of the inevitable obviously delights me.
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