Dreamgirls in Socks - Milas Hot Sweaty Feet

Added: 25-11-2022

Mila is starting to know a little more about the strong power of her feet for now, and I am not sure it’s a very good thing for us! She likes to take advantage of me all the time, and now it looks like she is doing the same with you! She walked the streets for a few hours on her heels in the hot Playa Del Carmen sun, but now she wants you to take good care of her feet while she reads her book, no matter how stinky her feet are! There are few people around so make sure you don’t get caught! Mila wants you to get down on your knees first, then listen to her instructions. She starts teasing you with her shoes on, before taking them off to let you touch and sniff her feet! She wants you to take deep breaths in her soles, and just enjoy that strong smell of her feet! Mila also wants you to stick your tongue out, so you can refresh the bottom of her soles with your tongue after she has been walking around in her shoes all day! She loves feeling your wet, juicy tongue at the bottom of her soles after walking around all day. Make sure you do not disappoint your Mistress! I must tell you that there is a lot of wind in this video and the noise is a little annoying, but unfortunately, there is not much I can do about it. The video is really nice, but consider maybe watching this clip without sound. I’m sorry about that.
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