Miss Kira Star - 4K Gynarchy Kingdom Part 2

Added: 25-11-2022

Custom Clip: A gynarchy kingdom was born few years ago with a resplendent Queen . Men were enslaved or ran away and this new power growing, the neighboring kingdoms have decided to react by war. I’m an important Major who was caught on the warfield. I wake up,in a kind of coffin, only my head outside and I see you with a smile. You announce that you are my new coach. You’re the main person of the group in charge of brainwashing for the Queen. She’d adore to see me as her new main pet, running to get her slippers at her snaps, revealing all the secret I know about our strategy. An harmless doggy happy to be toyed with. You’re here to train me to be so obedient, mindblanked and give my loyalty to this gynarchy state. Dehumanized. It would be not easy because of my strong powermind, but that’s why they’ve send the best, the master of brainwash, you. Your method is very long, but known as to be irreversible, that’s why you’re so the Queen’s favorite. I say I rather finish with myself than being converted or become a servant. You’ve decided to broke me totally, in time with your own plans. It’ll be long conversion, but no turning back will be possible after that. After that I’d be such a footslut, begging to serve and be used. I cry out and say never and long live to men’s power. 22 Training Days.

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