Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - Chastity Mind Games - Why You Need To Be Locked Away

Added: 25-11-2022

Lucid Lavender!
Today Im going to be training you with your chastity device. You dont need to do anything, you dont need to go anywhere, you just have to on your knees naked with your cage locked. Im going to be running you through a series of tasks, mostly mental, to train your endurance, to get you really deep into your chastity fetish. First I want you to think of the hottest thing thats ever happened to you, the thing that made you drop deeper and deeper into your little fetish. Do you have that in your mind? Good. I want you to wiggle your cage, stroke it as much as you can, touch your cock if you can. Get yourself really horny. Take your lock and jiggle it around and remind yourself how stuck you are.
Good boy. Now stop. Just breathe and relax. Its good to have these moments of excitement and pleasure. Its good to have these times that remind us how easily out of control we can get and how beneficial it is for us to have our cocks locked away. You dont need an orgasm. No one cares if you get to cum or not. And Id rather have you not cumming multiple times a day every day. Lets get excited again. I want you to play with your cage, I want you to jiggle it and vibrate it and look at me while you look down at your caged cock. You can look at me if you want. And I know you want to. Its just so exciting have me in front of you and being able to play with your cage. Stroke it as much as you can or as little as you can. And now youre going to stop again.
Just calm down and keep your hands away from your chastity device. Keep them away from your lock. You dont have the key in your possession. So even if you get so frustrated that you feel you have no other choice but to unlock yourself, you cant. Youre a good chastity boy and you know your cock needs to locked away, dont you? You know it needs to be in that little cage. Now stroke that cage, work yourself up again. I cant imagine how frustrating it must be to be you. I get to play with myself whenever I want, but you, youre locked away, for days, weeks months. How long can you go? How long has it been since you last came? And thats all you want as youre just getting more and more frustrated. Im making you get more frustrated. But you wouldnt want it any other way, would you? Now stop.
Is it getting harder now to take your hand away? Is it getting harder to obey your Goddess? Poor boy, locked away, cant touch his cock. You dont want to touch your cock. You want to prove that youre strong and you have discipline. Isnt that what this is all about? Discipline and self control. Its hard for you to keep your hands off. And even though youre obeying and not touching it, it just keeps twitching in its cage. You could stroke for hours but you would just wear yourself out. I wanna wear you out. So stroke your little caged cock again. Get yourself really excited. Think about a beautiful woman like me, locking you in your cage and then looking at you in the eyes and telling you how long you will be locked for. And the effect that has on your mind and every night you go to bed and you feel that cage, and every morning when you wake up your cock is just so hard in that cage.
You will be thinking about me all the time. And youre stroking and stroking and vibrating and jiggling that lock. And now youre stopping. You want to be a good boy for me. You cant help it when youre locked up, it has that effect on your mind. This is why you need me, this is why you need this training because it feels so fucking good and it reminds you why you need to be locked away. It reminds you why you need to be there on your knees in front of me because if you werent locked away, youd be wasting your whole life jerking off, wouldnt you? Because youre just a weak . But youre getting stronger, for me, and for you. Its worth it, isnt it? So enjoy it. Thanks for teasing yourself for me, now have fun being locked away and not being able to cum. LOL!

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