Humiliation POV - Allie Heart - Lonely Jerking Simp Addicted To Paying Bratty Girls Online

Added: 24-11-2022

HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest brat, Allie Heart!
Youre back for more. I knew it wouldnt be long. Not after seeing a hot woman on the internet talking trash to you lol! I knew youd crave more. You couldnt wait to come back and hear me tell you how pathetic it is that you spend your money on random girls on the internet lol. Well Im glad youre back because Im kinda in a bitchy mood today. You really are pathetic, you go online every day and search for hot, bratty girls to make fun of you. And you pay them for it lol! Even if the hottest girl in the world somehow wanted to fuck you, Ill bet youd still be here watching me make fun of you for being a pathetic little online jerker lol!
How much money have you spent so far on this addiction? How much do you think youll have spent by next year watching these same kinds of videos every day? It doesnt get old, does it? Im sure youve already spent thousands and Ill bet it will be thousands more by this time next year. I could by a car just off of your pathetic little habit lol! Go on, stroke it, I know you cant stop. You need this. You need me to tell you about how weak you are. And ever since that first time, you cant stop yourself. You just cant stop yourself from... simping lol! And that makes you my toy because I know I can do whatever I want to you.
Go on and jerk it loser. Jerk it fast. Dont stop. I just want you in your natural state. Its kinda embarrassing how much of a jerk addict you are. I want you to get nice and horny and then take your phone out and take a selfie. Dont worry, you dont have to send it to anyone. Not even me. I just want you to have it. And then someday, after the rush of having that picture on your phone wears off, youll randomly find that humiliating picture, and then youll remember the day that I humiliated you for how much money you spend on bratty girls lol!
And I know you have pictures of me and all the other bratty girls you play with on your phone as well. You look at them throughout the day, hoping you dont get caught. And if you do, you can just tell them, Oh thats just my Mistress, Im her toy and I stroke off to how much money I spend on her. I get off on being pathetic. LOL! Now youll probably never have to tell anyone that but I want you to say it to yourself out loud as you stroke it, in your room, alone. Because lets be real, if you had a girl or friends you wouldnt be here alone, stroking to how pathetic you are.
I want you to say to yourself in your room alone, out loud, Im Allies stroking little loser boy toy. I know what you are, do you? Do you know what you are? Yes, nod your head yes to me on your screen because youll never ever see me in person. Youre too afraid, arent you bitch boy? You just like to stroke in that lonely place you call home. And you start to get horny. Keep stroking bitch boy and tell yourself what a little loser you are and think about all the money youve spent on online dommes.
I know what you are. I accept you even though youre a pathetic little loser boy. And I know youll be spending a lot more and me and the other girls in the years to come. Think about the thousands and tens of thousands youre going to spend and jerk your cock to it. I dont even care that youre not loyal only to me, I just like knowing that you spend your life paying girls to remind you just how pathetic you are. You have a whole collection on your computer of women telling you how worthless you are. And that is just fine because you dont even deserve to be in a monogamous relationship with any of us. But you dont care because you cant resist and you cant stop yourself.

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