Goddess Celine - Become My Human Toilet

Added: 23-11-2022

Custom clip request "I am a huge fan of your work, and would love to comission a custom clip if possible. What I had in mind, is a mouthful, but a "Custom Body Horror Toilet transformation human furniture smoking executrix" scene. lol.

Here is a quick overview, for a 10-15 minute clip

The victim, pov of the camera would awaken to see you lounging in a chair waiting for him to come to. Dressed in full latex in an over the top look, with latex gloves, and many other latex accesories lik high collars and such. Dark red lipstick, hair up, and thick rimmed glasses, and smoking a long thin brown 120 or a black clove(regular white cigarettes are so ugly)

when the victim comes to and sees you, you start monologuing likea villain on how he was snooping around the wrong dungeon. You ask him if he really wanted to see what happened to all those missing persons, and tell him that he is going to find out first hand. You tell him that you are a powerful witch, and have a fetish for turning people into furniture. You describe how you are sitting one one right now, rubbing your shiny ass right where his cock would be, and that he is probably screaming in agony as she speaks.

You then describe to the victim step by step as he is bolted to the floor, turns to porcelin, pipes climb up is ass and body reforms into his new form, your brand new toilet. You would go over every change that is happening step by step, smoking, and seeming to get more turned on as he screams in agony at this fate worse than d.You move closer and squart down, to get a close up view, seamingly uncontrollably horny at what you are witnessing. You then tell him that it is almost over, and to give in, and everything fades to black as you wave bye bye.

We then cut to an in the toilet POV of you lifting up the lid, taunting him about his fate. You then laugh maniacally, ash in him, spit in him, and smile as you turn arround, and prepare to pee in him.
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