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Added: 22-11-2022

This clip includes: Naughty Mom Seduction, Seduced by Older Woman, Redhead, hairy Bush, Thick Bush, Big Tits, Virtual Handjob, MILF, Tease, Flirt, Gives you Handjob as Payback to Girlfriend she doesn't like, Secret, Taboo Secret, Horny Mom, jerk Off Encouragement, Jerk off for Mommy, Eating Pussy POV, Instruction on Kissing and Pussy Eating, Told to Jerk Off, Lotion on Long Legs, Ass, Nice Ass, Thick Ass & more
The video begins with you and your girlfriend hanging out in your room when your MILF mom comes in wearing her tight t shirt and short booty shorts. She makes trivial small talk with your new girlfriend and explains that she will be out of your way quickly. She is here to make your bed. She leans over right in front of you and you are sure that your girlfriend caught you looking at your step moms ass.
Later that evening you knock on the door of your moms room and enter. She is sitting on the bed lotioning her long legs and cute feet. You explain that you and your girlfriend got in an argument after she left your room because she was uncomfortable with what you were wearing.
This pisses your mom off immensely but she is a mature woman and knows just how to handle this situation. Your mom is a very high maintenance woman and is in very good shape for a woman her age. You can't deny that you do sneak peeks of her every chance you get.
"Well, she has no right to tell me what to wear in the comfort of my own home".Your mom then begins to talk to you and you and explains that she feels like your new girlfriend is NOT the right one for you and she calls you out on all the times you have snuck a peek at her huge tits when she bends over in front of you. She says that a woman her age has so much more to offer and asks you to come closer and feel her soft big kitties. You do so and your cock gets hard within seconds. She then tell you to give them a kiss and lick them. She points to her tummy and belly button and tells you to kiss her there too. She guides her hand down and tells you to go down her pussy. She allows you to eat her pussy and enjoys it very much.
She says that she doesn't leave you with blue balls so she reaches over to you ever so gently and grasps your hard cock in your hand and strokes it. She explains that she wants you to unload you huge load on her tits and even tell you that if you were to ever haves with her that you would be fucking her without any condom at all. It's only bareback sex for your mom!
She shows you her bush and explains that it might be the first one that you have seen because the younger girls normally keep theirs clean shaven. She even asks you to touch it and run your fingers through it. You can't deny that it does feel great and you like it a lot.
Mommy finishes by having you cum all over her tits as you jerk off for her. She loves to see you stroke your cock and knows that it will help you feel all better.. She explains that the warmth of her hand is just what you want and need. She knows that this will be payback to your girlfriend and maybe teach her to keep her mouth shut. You'll probably even dump her after this!
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