Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - Get Face Fucked While I Shop Online With Your Credit Card

Added: 21-11-2022

Miss Tiffany!
I look fucking so hot, don't I piggy? My tits are just bursting out of my top. I rarely look so sexy for you so I must admit, I do have ulterior motives. You see my little pay pig, since you were so busy staring at my tits, you almost missed the strapon I have between my legs and I just can't wait to shove it down your throat. But that's kinda more fun for you than it is for me lol! I know you can be quite the greedy little strapon whore. So I have a way to make it fun for me too.
I have my computer here with me and I decided that I would do a little online shopping with your credit card while you're bobbing up and down on my cock lol! I see you're ready to hand over your credit card but well, that's just not degrading enough for me. And I want to completely fucking degrade you tonight. And I know how much you fucking love it. So I want you to take out your credit card and I want you to write your credit card number on your forehead, and then your expiration date and your 3 digit code on your cheeks lol. C'mon idiot, do it lol! You're such a pathetic little pay pig, aren't you? I'll bet this idea has you rock hard. Getting face fucked with your credit card number written on your face while I shop and face fuck you lol!
And while you were staring at my tits, I see now you can't take your eyes off of my cock. Now you are going to be bobbing up and down on my strap-on and whenever I see something I wanna buy, I'm just going to look at your stupid forehead and buy something lol! And we're going to play this game all night until I max out your card lol. Doesn't that sound hot? LOL! I know it has your piggy dick twitching lol! And if you want, if you're lucky, maybe I'll let you write another card on your face once this one is maxxed out lol!
I know you just can't wait to suck my cock and once you do it will be so hard for you to stop lol! Even if I'm fucking you over at the same time lol. So get down on your knees and start sucking while I shop and barely pay attention to you lol! I'll bet the more I spend the harder you'll suck on my cock lol. You stupid fucking pay pig lol! This is what you were meant for. I want you to look up with my cock in your mouth and see how much I'm spending lol! I'll bet that will make your eyes nice and wide lol!
You love being my strapon sucking pay pig, don't you? I know you do, you fucking love this. Look how hard your stupid piggy cock is. Keep gagging on it while I spend more. I love this so much, I don't even have to hear from you while I fuck you over lol! I'm racking up quite a bill while you gag on my cock! Do you wanna see? Lol! You fucking love this. You fucking deserve this, don't you pig? Watch as I type in the numbers from your forehead, idiot lol!
Keep sucking me off while I drain your entire fucking account. Lol! It's so hot, isn't it? Gag on my strapon while I use you like the fucking human atm that you are. We're not done yet, piggy.
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