Dreamgirls in Socks - Avery's Assisted Masturbation

Added: 20-11-2022

Avery likes to tease you with her smelly feet all the time, but she especially loves to do it after a long day in her shoes because her feet smell a lot! She also likes about the fact that it turns you on completely, so she can manipulate you and do whatever she wants with you! She knows that you buy her videos to masturbate, and she also likes to take advantage of that! It’s been a very long summer day in her heels, under the Mexican sun, so she just couldn’t wait to rub her sweaty feet over your face! She takes pleasure to tease you with her shoes on, before dropping them on the floor to cover your face with her sweaty bare feet! She makes you take deep breaths into her feet, while chatting on her phone, and makes you lick the bottoms of her sweaty bare feet! She catches you jerking off during the video, so she tells you she wants you to take care of her feet first! You will have to follow all her instructions before you can touch yourself! She makes you sniff her sweaty feet, lick them with your tongue, and suck on her precious toes like a good devoted loser slave! She will also give you some instructions also about how she wants you to jerk off and when to do it. She will tell you when it’s the right time for you to cum too! Be sure to listen and obey all of her instructions!
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