Shiloh Blaze - Office Seduction Chastity Blackmail Fantasy 2

Added: 18-11-2022

This sequel details the predicament you find yourself in after our last rendezvous (where I seduced you and then blackmail-fantasy with a picture that I took of us while you weren't looking. I even locked you in chastity so I could control more than just your wallet). Now, I've summoned you into My office to tease you and check on your chastity status, have you been obedient? Oh wow! You failed! Tsk tsk. This means that instead of more hot seduction, I'll degrade you and humiliate you. However, to mindfuck you, I'll still allow you to stroke your pindick as I reveal more of My body. You'll be so confused with the yummy gooning feelings associated with experiencing your doomed fate. The blackmail-fantasy has also deepened with more pictures being taken of your indiscretions, and another raise to keep My bank account plump. You'll be encouraged to comply when I threaten to expose-fantasy your beta ways to your coworkers and clients. It may be 10x worse to be exposed-fantasy for being a beta locked up simp when you strut about like an “alpha” all day. You’ll get a raise and bonus for your compliance of course, but you can be certain it will all be forwarded into My account. Come on now, if I was going to arrange for a higher taking, I had to arrange for higher collateral. And as this meeting ends will I make your edged throbbing cock return to the chastity cage or will I make you cum on the floor so I can rub your filthy disobedient face in it?
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