Goddess Jessica - Lets Discuss Your Husband

Added: 17-11-2022

You have finally had it. You storm over to your ex-friends house. Your husbands mistress. She's disrespected you and your marriage for the last time. You are fuming, that BITCH! How can she smile in your face over dinner knowing full well that she's sunk her claws into your darling husband. You're going to tell her what you think of her, tell her she's not allowed to contact anyone in your **** ever again. Your heart is beating out of your chest as you cop knock on her front door. She opens it, fully clad in nylon lingerie... fuck she's hot. Your anger melts away a little. She greets you with a bit of annoyance and invites you in. She casually admits she wants to talk to you as well. It's about fucking your husband. "I fuck him every Wednesday," she says while lighting a candle intended for his visit. It's Wednesday. There is a bottle of malbec on the table, two glasses. They look crystal. You hate her, she's so perfect, so rich, so cool. He's been over here every Wednesday, enjoying her nice house, her fireplace, her enormous bed, her perfect body. You have already stopped paying attention to the alarming things she's saying to you because her face is angelic, her voice is like honey, you're starting to fantasize....
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