Goddess Jessica - Cheat On Your Wife

Added: 17-11-2022

I'm getting so sick of waiting on your wife. What is taking her so long? Is she trying to choose between 12 different frumpy dresses? Is she experimenting with her $4 CVS eyeshadow palettes? Well, I guess I'll fuck with you while I wait. If she's going to give me enough time to wreck her marriage, I might as well. So yeah, these shiny pants are cool. Thanks for noticing, what made you notice? Is it how they're so skin-tight and outline every lickable bit of my toned ass and legs? Thought so. Let's talk about it more. In enough detail to make you squirm. I have nothing better to do. So you admit these shiny black pants are hot as fuck? Do you want to rip them off me? Would you cheat on your wife with me? You want to fuck me so bad. You're sweating. Would you whip out your dick if I gave you the chance? She won't come in here. We have enough time if you hurry. I want you to spend all night thinking about taking me back here and fucking me. Dance with me all night, buy all of my drinks. Do it in front of your wife. Touch me in front of your wife. Just know that if you do a really good job I'll let you cum ANYWHERE you want on these shiny, sexy pants later when we get back. NO, not now. She's coming! Put that away until later....
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