Valentinafox - Cum to a Realization

Added: 17-11-2022

Hey addict! Back again like the weak junkie you are? You tell yourself you hate Me, hate findom, but here you are again stroking hours and hours away to Me. It isn't fair how much money I make by sitting around being an entitled brat. How do all of these men keep paying Me?! I know it triggers you so much to see Me making thousands of dollars everyday, especially on My livestreams when I just sit there and talk! Guys like you have to work SO hard to make a thousand dollars and I just get it handed to Me for nothing! It's infuriating, drives you crazy, and yet you can't stop coming back here and pumping more of your money and braincells away for Me. Stroke to it, sexualize it, cum to it. And then, while you're at your lowest point, hating yourself for giving in again, I'm going to mock you even more. Mock how little self control you have and make you keep stroking to Me. I don't care if you don't want to keep going, you're going to. Consider this the opposite of aftercare :)
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