Humiliation POV - Chastity Lynn - Grindr Trigger - Just Install It You Don't Have To Open It

Added: 17-11-2022

Chastity Lynn!
Just put Grindr on your phone. You don't have to open it or create a profile. Just download the app so you see it on your phone. It'll just be a little trigger, so it will always be in the back of your mind. I mean you might want to browse a little, and that's ok, but, you don't have to. You can resist. Or you could create a profile just to see what guys send you messages. I mean you don't have to respond. At least you could receive pics of guys with big cocks in your area. Just so you know who's around. Just in case.
Like you don't have to do anything with it, but you are kinda curious, and it's already on your phone. And even if you did decide to create a profile, it's not like you have to meet any of the guys. You could just jerkoff to the fantasy, knowing that you could be at any of their places in just a few minutes. I mean doesn't that sound hot? Just knowing how close they are? They aren't just some big cocks on the internet, they are so close to you and they want you to come over.
I mean that would be a hot fantasy, wouldn't it? Even if you don't actually go. Just jerking off to it would be really hot. And you can resist going over and sucking on those big cocks just by jerking off to the fantasy, couldn't you? So why don't you just create a profile, you know you want to. You don't have to actually act on any of your impulses. Just seeing it on your phone will be a reminder of something you truly want, it will turn you on. You're thinking about it, aren't you? About how hot it would be to have a profile. To be able to see what big hard cocks are in your area. It's a huge temptation but you don't actually have to do anything about it.
You can just jerkoff to how many huge cocks there are in your area just waiting for someone to come over and suck them off. You can resist those huge local cocks, it's not that hard, just stay in and jerk your dick to them. Or you could go over and fulfill your fantasy. You've been jerking off alone to it long enough, haven't you? Jerking off to sucking a huge cock. And now you have access to them any time you want with that little, tempting app on your phone.
There are SO many big cocks near you, aren't there? I mean you could have a line of men out your door in just a few minutes if you wanted to. You could suck off cock after cock instead of jerking off alone to the fantasy. But then again, you don't have to. You could just spend another night alone jerking off to the thought of all those huge cocks lining up at your door. I know you're so hard and horny just thinking about it. Maybe just send a few messages, see who responds, you don't have to respond or act on it. It will just make you feel how really close and real it is and that will make jerking off to it even hotter, won't it?
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