Empress Jennifer - Suitable Foreplay For a Sicko

Added: 16-11-2022

You wear a few bracelets on one arm. The camera shows You from Your knees up. In one hand You hold the key to my chastity cage. You tell me, that during the last month i was an acceptable slave so we don't have to skip my monthly release this time. You throw the key on the floor and order me to strip and unlock. In the meantime You lift one leg of Yours after the other and lotion Your wonderful inner calves. You see, that my dick is already hard and instruct me to kneel up close before You with my stomach touching Your knees. You close Your legs so that Your calves press against my dick, but i am not allowed to hump. Since You feel generous You want to grant me a special foreplay - suitable for a sick masochist. By the side of You there are a few "toys" to use on my chest and nipples (for example needles, pliers, scalpel, nife, lighter or flame burner to heat up a screwdriver to brand me...). You start sadistically to torrture my upper body. i have to be silent and hold still with my arms behind my back. You get very extreme with the treatment. It's a real massacre. Every time i am too loud or start accidentally humping You get angry. Lines of blud run down to Your knees and You feel my tears and sweat drip down. You enjoy seeing me fighting to take it all, my dick staying hard and twitching with every dose of pain You gift me. Finally You allow me to hump Your calves. It's Your decision if i deserve to cum.
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