Goddess Celine - Evil Babysitter Vacuuming 2

Added: 16-11-2022

Custom clip request "Alright, you are dressed as a babysitter in this black dress you wore in your other custom video and black tights with black knee high boots and these blue latex gloves you wore in another video! Please have your hair just long and straight :)

Then you take the big monster vacuum cleaner and test the suction a little on your gloves you are wearing (without vacuuming them up), then you start vacuuming and go to the ch ildren's room where you see lots of toys lying around, so you decide to vacuum around them when you suddenly accidentally vacuum up one. Then open the wardrobe to vacuum inside it when you accidentally vacuum up something (a sock, underwear or whatever). You suddenly start getting fun vacuuming up things and vacuum up quickly all the toys lying around!

When you're done, you have so much fun that you turn into an evil babysitter, vacuum up the gloves you are wearing and take on black leather gloves (the short ones, just as long as the latex gloves), open the wardrobe again and start vacuuming up all the clothes inside it (socks, dresses, underwear, panties, leather and latex gloves, everything, I prefer dresses and gloves most)! Please vacuum up as many as possible since your monster vacuum looks very big and lots of things fit in the hose and the capacity :)

When you vacuumed them all up, you go back to the living room where you see the box with the blue latex gloves in it and also a box with tissues (if you have) and vacuum up all of them, too!
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