Goddess Celine - Edging Is Medicine For Your Addiction

Added: 15-11-2022

The Script would go into the direction of the therapy Clips we had.
I was missing your therapy sessions (Reason why no custom in the last few months. ????)
This is unacceptable and this is why you will make me edge extremely hard
You are angry, as I step in to the Office you tell me so.
No Time to lose.!
You will not cum, you will only edge!
Stroke,. Repeat! Stroke,. Repeat!
You are getting furious! I don't edge enough, and you know that the word "EDGE" brings me to almost cumming; So you are on a repeating beat for almost 2 minutes.
Edge. Not enough.. Not enough.. FSlow hand jerk-off motions, while you say "EDGE!" when reaching the bottom (Signaling my cock which is about to burst - reaching the bottom part with my hand, already edging)
Going faster, literally making me edge after each up and down notion! This is not only literally, it is needed to control my nylon obsession!
Stare at my stocking tops. Imagine your Cock in them, unable to cum.!
You will show me my cock in your stockings and tell me to edge alot!
I will not cum in your therapy. The reason for this is to get my nylon obsession under control and the only cure is orgasm denial.
Please show alot of full legs in plattform heels and black FF Nylons, tell me to edge ALOT! Almost from the start of the clip, there is no time to loose!
Secretary Outfit, barely showing the stocking tops (I love when the skirt is really tight!)
I send you pictures of the positions I love / What i mean with barely showing stocking tops.
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