Brat Girl Pramila - Allah Sacrificed At Shaytana's Altar - Allah Bakra Udhiya Qurbani by Shaytana Qasai - Islam Blasphemy

Added: 15-11-2022

This is the second part of my Eid Ul Adha special video. Allah the douchebag is a fucking liar. He demands qurbani of **** from all Muslims claiming he will bless of them who offers him the sacrifice. Such a lying fucking cunt he is. Have you ever seen your Allah? Have you ever seen Mohammad? NO! Yet you believe in them, why? Seeing is believing, and going by that, you can only see Shaytana always in front of you, when you open your eyes or when you even close your eyes. I am omnipotent. Bow down to me, and offer Allah as the sacrificial goat underneath my feet, i want it, i want to feast on its flesh full of lies and deceit, and on its red venom flowing throw its body. Today onwards, Muslim pig you are mine. You are just nothing but a disciple of Shaytan and Shaytana, so give me what i want, and i want you to offer under my feet your religious Islamic beliefs and your fucking loser Allah. Fuck islam, fuck Allah.

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