HumiliationPOV - Princess Meggerz - Listen And Throb, No Touching, As I Verbally Assault You

Added: 13-08-2016

Princess Meggerz – Mean Verbal Fuckery Experiment For Self Hating Losers

Today I’m going to perform a little sexual experiment on you. You’re gonna be my little test dummy. We’re going to see how my words, and Just my words, effect you. It’s simple, all you really have to do is take your clothes off and listen. Strip loser, then sit back, relax and listen to what comes out of my mouth. And you are Not allowed to touch your cock, I know what’s going to come out of my mouth is going to turn you on. But you’re not to touch it, you’re just going to look at it and observe its reaction to my words. I know it’s already hard at the thought of being naked in front of me and having me verbally assault you. You’re that pathetic.

And it’s growing harder. Is that because I called you pathetic? Because you are, you’re a pathetic loser. You bought this clip, just like you buy all the others, to be verbally assaulted. You’re made to feel like $.h.!.t., you’re emasculated, dehumanized, and you jerk off to it. And your pathetic dick is getting hard, it’s twitching and throbbing with each mean thing that I say to you. You don’t even have to touch it to make it move. I can do that with just my words.

Look at it, look at how hard it is, what’s wrong with you? I’ll tell you.. You’re a fucking loser and you love it when hot girls call you out on it. You love when women see right through you, see you as the worthless pathetic fuck that you are. And we exploit you. Look at that useless cock of yours, it’s fucking throbbing, and I’ll I’ve done is expose you for the loser that you are. And you know what’s hilarious? I can put up one fucking finger, and your cock starts throbbing, it’s twitching. Fuck you loser. How much money do you blow in order to cum? How much money do you spend to make yourself feel like a piece of $.h.!.t.? Fuck you, and your cock gets even harder. Begging for you to touch it, but you’re not allowed!

You’re a fucking loser and your cock is pulsating. Is that how it begs you to start stroking it? I own that cock of yours, and since you’re not fucking anyone, if I don’t want you to even fuck your fist, then you won’t, because you need my attention and I’m the only girl giving you any. And even though it’s negative, you eat it up. You love negative reinforcement. It’s so hard by now you don’t even know what to do with your hands. But you won’t touch it because you obey my every command, you’re like a fucking drone. You’re a puppet and I’m controlling you because you don’t have any self worth. You’re a fucking loser and I know exactly what I do to you. I know your cock is begging you to touch it right now, bouncing all over the place. All you want to do is stroke and stroke and blow to my mean words.

If I had let you stroke you’d have already cum by now and I want to make sure you hear every mean, degrading word I have to say to you. You’re a self hating loser with a throbbing cock. Such a fucking loser. And when I’m done you’re not going to touch it, you’re just going to let it go soft. And I hope you get a mean case of blue balls that remind you of what I’ve done to you, of what I can do any time I want. I have so much control that I can walk away from you and you’ll still obey me. Now thank me for my attention and then get the fuck out of my face. You disgust me.

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