Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - Just you and Princess Mia's Ass

Added: 19-11-2023

Can you think of anything more intimate than spending a night in Princess Mia's cage and now being called out at her feet to rim her ass and be her human toilet? "Did you enjoy your night in the cage?" she asks you. She adds to that by saying she doesn't really care but her feet are dirty and she wants you to lick the soles before she gives you her ass to devour. Once she knows your mouth is dirty she says "I know it's my irresistible ass that keeps you in slavery." She tells you to kiss a butt cheek and says "Isn't my flesh nice and soft?" She then gets on her knees and leans over the bench slamming your face with her butt cheeks. She pulls the panties to the side and reveals her pussy and asshole. She wants your tongue in her bum hole to loosen her up. "If you want to be my toilet that means spending every night in the cage and staying there until I need your tongue to loosen me up." She sits down on your face, moving up and down while your erect tongue drills into her anus. She then stands up and leans against the wall. She shakes her ass seductively, and says that has really loosened her up and she is ready to make use of her as her toilet. She removes her panties and sits on the bench so her butt hangs over the edge. Bring your mouth up to her hole, it's time for your breakfast. She looks down at you and says "My filthy little toilet."
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