Humiliation POV - Chastity Lynn - I Break Straight Boys Through Cum Eating

Added: 19-11-2023

Chastity Lynn!
We need to break you. I know you wanna suck cock for real and not just jerking off to videos. But you're afraid, afraid of the cum, afraid you won't like the taste. Well we need to get you used to it because once you taste it, you'll realize it's not that bad. You'll get used to it. It'll be worth it because then you can stop wasting all your time jerking off to gay encouragement videos and start actually sucking cock which is what you truly desire. We need to remove your fears so you can go out and become the cock slut you've always dreamed of being. LOL!
So I'm going to train you to eat your load so many times that the taste won't bother you. I break straight boys through cum eating and I'm going to break you. We're going to get rid of your fears and make you a nasty little cum eater. I bet you're jerking off right now just thinking about it. Thinking about sucking a cock. And cum doesn't taste that bad, in fact, you might learn to love it lol. And I know you want it. You crave it. You crave being a dirty little cock sucker, getting down on your knees and sucking the cum out of cock after cock lol.
You wanna be a little whore like me, Chastity Lynn, don't you? You've seen me suck so many loads and watched me swallowed them down, and secretly, you wished you could be me. You want to be a cock sucking cum eater. You know what a good little cocksucker I am and you can do it too. Don't be afraid, after you've tasted your cum a few times, you'll be a pro, just like me lol. Isn't that what you want? Tasting another man's cum down your throat? LOL! I know you're getting bored of jerking off to videos, so I'm going to teach you to be a cock sucking, cum swallowing whore lol. I promise you can learn to be a good cocksucker as good as I am lol!
I know you want to get down on your knees and take load after load in your nasty little mouth. I want you to try the real thing. You need cock in your throat, it makes you so horny. By the time I'm done with you, you'll stop jerking off to videos and you'll be out getting the real thing lol. You know it's what you crave, you can't stop thinking about it. You can be honest with me, there's no need to deny it. I want you on as many gay dating apps as you can be, searching out huge cocks to suck. You want alpha men to come over and feed you their loads. It's ok faggot, there's nothing wrong with that, we just need to get you used to the taste of cum.
But first we need to start with your big, hot load. I know you've watched me take thousands of loads down my throat so it can't be that bad, right? I know you like watching me, I'm a good cock sucking trainer. You can watch my videos and learn. Jerk that cock and think about sucking and swallowing alpha loads. I want you to work up a nice, big load for me. I want you to swallow it so you can become a good cocksucking whore for me. I love breaking straight boys and turning them into cum eating faggots. You're going to become a little cum slurping slut just like me lol. I know you've jerked off to it so many times, thinking about a big cock in your mouth, slamming in and out of your eager cock sucking mouth. It's your deepest desire and it makes your cock so fucking hard.
So stop denying yourself. Keep stroking your cock and build up that nice big load so I can break you. It feels so good to stroke it while you fantasize about taking other men's loads as you prepare to eat your own. I'm going to make you eat your own load over and over and over again until the taste doesn't bother you, until you're used to it. Until you crave it lol. Then you can you become the cock sucking slut you've always wanted to be. I love turning you into a whore. Now I want you to cum in your own mouth. Blow that huge load right down your throat. Taste it. Swallow it. It feels so good doesn't it? Now I want you eating every load after this until you're not afraid of cum any more so you can go out and suck as many cocks as you want. And I know it's going to be a lot lol!
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