Ariel Anderssen - My Barbarian Captive Made Into My Sissy

Added: 20-09-2022

In this epic, three scene video (individual parts to be released later) I'm an empress whose army has imprisoned the barbarian king who tried to overthrow my empire. And now, I'm going to teach him a lesson!In scene one, I have you brought to my throne room, naked, collared, in shackles and with all your body hair shaved off. I describe how I want to see you flogged, especially your cock, the symbol of your masculinity. You'll be kept in our dungeons and I want to see you turned into my sissy slave, so I'll have you fed potions which will rob you of your masculine features and make you soft and feminine. In the meantime, I'll have you kept with a huge butt plug in your ass, stretching it and making you ready to be fucked by anyone I wish. And while we wait for your cock to shrink and become a harmless little clitty, you'll be kept in a chastity cage. I can't wait to see how you'll change within the year...A year later, I'm having a party to celebrate the anniversary of our triumph, so I have you brought out from the dungeons to be displayed to my guests as evidence of my power. And how you've changed! I've had you dressed like a whore, in stockings and a cupless bra, but your ass is still plugged, and now that your cock has shrunk, you're in a tiny chastity cage. You look so humiliated, and exactly like any other of my slave girls - you're not a man any more and we shall not call you any such thing, you're my bitch now, and we want you to entertain us. As I become aroused by watching your, I realise that what I want to do most of all is to put on my strap-on dildo and fuck you while everyone watches. And since I'm empress, I always do exactly what I want, immediately. What an honour for you, to be fucked in the ass by your ruler, while everybody watches your degradation. Imagine how humiliating it will be if it turns you on!Several months after celebrating the anniversary of your conquest, I'm enjoying a discussion of a trade deal with the king of a neighbouring country. Surprisingly, he seems especially interested in you! I'm open to including you as part of the deal, but feel it's only fair to give the king a demonstration of your abilities. So I order you to ride the giant dildo attached to the floor - to show how slutty, and eager, and desperately horny you are. Releasing you from chastity, I cruelly take you to the edge of orgasm multiple times, before allowing the king to decide whether or not you're allowed to cum. He's going to have so much fun with my little sissy slave!
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