WetSchoolGirl - Goth Girl Three Tasks and Big Challenge

Added: 20-09-2022

Did you get this video and you like it? I would very much appreciate a review from you if you have a little bit of free time! Not many people leave reviews and they mean a lot to me, thank you in advance!Story::I am your ex girlfriend. We have just gotten back from vacation with our mutual friends. You were staring at me all the time and couldn't get my eyes off of me. You couldn't do anything about it, because you are such a proper boy.I decide to have a little fun with you. You wake up in your room tied up with me close to you and your mother listening in the other room. You are super confused. I tell you that you are finally going to get what you want. Only, with a twist. I give you three tasks. I begin by challenging to keep your dick down while I show off my ass and command you to worship. You don't do too well, so there is no reward for you. I don't have high hopes for your success but we move on to the second one where you use a vibrator wand to stimulate your cock. With this one, you surprisingly succeed manage not to cum so you get to see my tits. I think that it was too easy for you, so for the last one I invite my boyfriend. I give him a blowjob and challenge you not to let your dick stay hard. You blow it and get me mad so I bring you to the edge and ruin your orgasm. Of course, you don't get any rewards for your failure. I put a chastity cage on you and annouce a continuation the next day.
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