Cruel Girlfriend - Eva - Public Toilet Humper

Added: 17-09-2022

This is why you have to jerk off to humiliation, loser. This is why you're gonna kneel next to a fucking toilet bowl with your boner under the seat. Ew! Like WTF is wrong with you? The more you get bullied by pretty girls the more you fucking like it? I call you names and humiliate you and make you pay me for the privilege. It's so fucking pathetic. I bet you've given up imagining what it would be like to actually be with a girl like me. To date a girl as hot as I am. To fuck a girl like me. You're so used to being humiliated by us that you've accepted it's all you'll ever get. You've accepted girls like me HATE wimps like you. You've accepted that girls like me will always look down on you like you're dirt on our soles. You've accepted you'll never get our attention unless you're PAYING us to be mean to you - PAYING us to call you names and humiliate you and making sure you understand your place - which right now is on the floor of a bathroom facing a disgusting toilet seat.
Fuck it you disgusting toilet-humper. You heard me - fuck the toilet. Push your cock between the seat and the rim and hump the bowl - hump the toilet because Eva says so! This is your girlfriend now toilet-humper. This is your date-night Princess - a piss-soaked toilet in a public bathroom... trust me this is as good as it'll get for you - it's the girlfriend you deserve. I'm gonna make you hump that bowl to my pretty voice telling you how much I hate you. How ugly I think you are - how much I want to humiliate you and make you suffer for me. I want you humping that filthy toilet while I insult you and laugh at you for what you've become. Do it you little toilet-humper. Fuck a toilet for me - fuck a toilet for the girl of your dreams - for a girl you know you'll never have - for the girl who just wants to embarrass you and make you feel like dirt. This is what you deserve toilet-humper. This is EXACTLY the sex-life a humili-porn reject like you deserves and you're so lucky I'm giving it to you, right?
Is this humiliating enough for you loser? Humping a disgusting public toilet for a total Princess? Is that enough humiliation to make you slime for me? Or do I need to make you do something even more disgusting? Do I need to make you dunk your ugly face into that toilet water for me? Do I need to make you lick the rim? Do I need to make you flush your stupid head in there? Ew! How much humiliation can one toilet-humper take for a girl as hot as me huh? Would you drink from the bowl? Would you eat your mess up from the seat after I've given you your humili-cum command? I know you'd do whatever the fuck I say because it's the only way you get to please a girl like me. You have to hump toilets to amuse me - you have to humiliate yourself to hear my cute giggle - you have to complete degrading assignments to earn the right to cum. You want to cum don't-cha toilet-humper? You want to make cummies for Eva, right?... keep humping loser - hump until I decide you've had enough!

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