Humiliation POV - Princess Cherry - Seduced Into A Messy Legs Over The Head Facial

Added: 04-07-2022

Prrincess Cherry!
I know that there's one thing you cannot live without. And I know what that is. It's something you need. You need hot, bratty, dominant girls like me lol. You'd be lost without us. You need us to give you purpose. This here is my playground, my place to play with you. And you love coming here to play. Here in this world with me, you can finally feel something in your pathetic existence. Here you can experiment, here you can try things you never thought you'd do.
And there's one thing that I want you to experiment with today, and that's eating your own cum. Maybe you've already done it, maybe you've been thinking about it, or maybe you never considered it at all before now. But seeing me here in front of you looking so fucking hot, you're finding it hard to resist the humiliating temptation that I'm putting before you. And I don't just want you eating it, I want you doing complete self facials lol. And although some of you may try to deny it, I know it's been on your brain for awhile now. You just needed a little push and that's what you're going to get today. You're gonna get that extra little push of encouragement lol. And you're going to make it a messy one lol.
So I want you to take your rock hard cock out and start jerking to my sexy, young body. I'm going to make you edge and goon until you build up a huge cum load. That shouldn't be too hard for a chronic masturbator like you. I know you can't keep your hand off of your cock. Especially with me in front of you in this sexy lingerie. I know this is giving you quite a rush, my words speaking directly into your brain as you jerk yourself for me. I know that my words and my body dominate you and make you weak. Goon and edge that cock of mine to state of complete emptiness, a state of bliss. I know you're approaching that place already, it doesn't take much.
I love how easy it is to toy with you. All I have to do is have you pump all other thoughts our of your mind while I plant my thoughts in place of yours. Thoughts that once may not have turned you on. I know your eyes are locked on my body as your brain is locked onto my words. There is no escaping me. Keep edging for me, get those balls nice and full of cum. Those cummies are desperate to be let out, they are calling for your face and mouth lol. You're so desperate to cum.
I want you to get into the position, you know the one, with your legs over your head. I want you to aim your cock straight for your face. I want you to be able to completely cover your face. Get yourself to the edge for me.. and cum! Shoot it all over your face. Make a big fucking mess! LOL! Give yourself a nasty facial and then lick it up as it drips from your face. Use your fingers and scoop it up and lick them clean. Eat your cum loser. LOL! I love corrupting you even more than you were. I love humiliating and degrading loser jerk junkies like you. This is what you deserve lol.
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