Madam Violet - D.I.C.K Module 2 Infiltrate Intergrate Initiate

Added: 04-07-2022

D.I.C.K Module 2: INFILTRATE your gaping pussy mind , INTEGRATE My agenda with your mental programming and INITIATE slave mode...and all you have to do is STROKE.
First just let your COCK full with pleasure as your mind becomes EMPTY of thoughts. SLIPPING DOWN and down into My full control. Mind empty, dick FULL, you SALUTE your Goddess with your hard dick and then you STROKE, leaving all the rest up to Me.
Combining a multitude of trance metaphors that I have used repeatedly on your mind it’s second nature for your mind to react like the aching obedient PUSSY I have conditioned it to feel like. INFILTRATION is successful with just a SNAP. Then whilst you pump your dick never coming - endlessly edging - I integrate MY wishes, wants, expectations and desires for you and of you into the operating system of your body and mind.
Then begins the delicious build up into an exquisite countdown. Just do NOT cum. The countdown INITIATES *slave mode* and even if you could stop it you can’t because last session I DESTROYED all hope of escape.
Your fate is sealed, your mind is empty your cock and balls are full and that’s how it’s staying...until next module. I combine the countdown with a fractionation deepener so that by *NUMBER ONE SNAP!* you are instantly and permanently shifted into *slave mode*.
Good boy!! Module two complete!

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