Humiliation POV - Goddess Alessa - Babbling Brainless Barbie Bimbo Voices Are In Your Head

Added: 01-07-2022

Goddess Alessa!
You're a barbie girl, in a barbie world. LOL! Your IQ will drop as your mind goes pop. You need to be a brainless bimbo barbie. Turn off your brain, faggot. Fill your thoughts with nothing but cock. You're a cock obsessed faggot, aren't you? That's ok, you can admit it. You want to make men hard. Pussy doesn't exist, pussy doesn't matter. You wanna choke on huge throbbing cock. You're getting dumber. It's so hard to think. So don't think. Just get dumber and dumber for me. Brainless sissy bimbo slut, brainless sissy bimbo slut. All you can do is babble like a brainless barbie bimbo slut.
You're a cock sucking whore. You really thought this was a fantasy, you had no idea it could be this real, this overwhelming. Babbling brainless barbie voices get all the way inside your brain LOL! These words are now permanently inside of your head. They're not going away. You're a mindless bimbo and your blank mind is filled with cocks. Accept the fact that you are a gay, sissy faggot. Babbling brainless barbie voices are inside your head. It makes your head empty and turns you into a little sissy cocksucker. You are a faggot.
Your brain is open for reprogramming. Sissy bimbo cocksucker. LOL! You have a perfect sissy mouth for sucking cock, don't you faggot? You're a bimbo. Say it out loud. Good girl. Now open your cocksucking mouth wide, sissy. We both know you want cock. You're brainless babbling whore who can only think about cocks and giggles. Your stupid little brain is empty. All you can think about is cock and these urges will never go away. You know you want cock. You want it hitting the back of your throat as a man face fucks your bimbo mouth. Babbling brainless barbie sissy bimbo.
You wanna be the best bimbo sissy cocksucker for me, don't you? It's changing your brain. You live for cock. You need cock inside of your eager sissy whore holes. You just want to please men, that's your purpose. It makes your head empty. It makes your head happy. You need to be brainless. Get dumber and dumber. This is changing your brain. You've always wanted to be a sissy bimbo cocksucker. Remember when you used to think it was a fantasy? LOL! You're caught in a loop now, and you need to make yourself dumber. Babbling brainless barbie voices are in your head. You need to be brainless. You need to make yourself dumber.
You're such a dumb slut. Feel it changing you. You're addicted to attention. Dumb slut. You'll do absolutely anything to get more attention from men. You wanna dress up slutty. You want to put on makeup like a whore. You want to dress to show off your body, don't you slut? You need men to pay attention to you, don't you barbie? You want everyone to see what a slut you are. You wanna get fucked where everyone can see. You'll give lap dances for free, just so you can keep all the men looking at you. You'll make them cum in their pants. You need men stroking over you. You'll suck cock on camera. You need all the attention to feel alive. Babbling brainless barbie. Faggot!
You'll let men fuck you in the alley because you need everyone to see what a slut you are. And you'll be babbling like a brainless barbie. Dumb slut. Bimbo whore. Dumber and dumber you get. Babbling your brain away. Make yourself dumber and dumber. Brainless sissy bimbo slut, brainless sissy bimbo slut. It's changing your brain, faggot.
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