Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Essensce of You

Added: 28-06-2022

You know, I spent some time in France. I picked up some special hobbies while I was there. I got really into making perfume in France. It's a lengthy and expensive process with a high level of artistry and patience involved. It's a delicate art. But I discovered something while I was learning. I found the best perfumes weren't based in floral or herbal scents. There's something special about making perfumes with a... human element. I've found that you can distill a particular pheromone from a man's cum.
There's a special chemical you can harvest from a man's cum. I've found perfumes with this pheromone make a person irresistible to men. The scent invokes memories of pleasure in their mind and makes them hard instantly. Unfortunately my stock is running low. So I'm going to need your cum to add to my collection of scents. It won't be difficult.
As soon as I apply this perfume, the urge to jerk will be irresistible.
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