Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - After 3 years of marriage you are still My Cum Eating cuck virgin

Added: 27-06-2022

In this hot POV you are sweet young Princess Mia's cuckold. You have been married three years and you are still a virgin, that will never change. Today, she has a surprise for you. Her boyfriend had a mold of his big black cock made for her and she is now waving it in your face telling you how he pleases her. She makes you show her your cock and she laughs saying "The length of the head of his penis is longer than your entire cock." She says you could never satisfy any woman but she knows what will satisfy you, sucking her boyfriends cock, getting it hard and wet so he can fuck her.Mia takes the cock and brings it to your face, telling you to lick the head. "Say, I love your cock Master, can you please fuck my Goddess, can I lick your cum out of her pussy?" she tells you to repeat. "Can I suck your cock after you have fucked her up the ass" she continues displaying her sweet girl next door smile. Imagine if your friends knew what your wife was really like and how she keeps you in chastity and fucks any man she wants. "Maybe I'll have my man fuck you up the ass" Mia says, her thoughts are getting more perverse as her power over you grows. After further verbal Mia rubs the cock over her pussy and suddenly there is cum dripping from her. Where did it come from, oh well it doesn't matter, your job is to lick it up. She tells you to get your mouth between her legs and to clean her up. She tells you she is so horny now, in her prime, that she plans to take on several new lovers. You will be fluffing them all and eating all their cum from her holes.
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