Madam Violet - Keeping You A Helpless Hand Fucker

Added: 25-06-2022

I love it when you stroke for Me, you love it when you stroke for Me. I want stroking for Me to better than sex, so start stroking as I make sure you KNOW that fucking your hand for Me is way better than fucking pussy. Lucky for you because I don’t think you get a lot of pussy do you? That’s ok, FUCK your hand as you stare into My eyes, that’s a gooood bitch.
I guide you into sliding in and out of your pulsing fisst, fuck yourself slow and steady, then STROKE then it’s back to fucking. You belong here, on your knees gooning into your hand as you lose your mind in My eyes, pussy is for loser men that don’t have ME in their life.
No point fighting this need, when it feels SO GOOD. You may be a fisst-fucker but you get to WORSHIP ME as you do it. And I save all other women from your mediocre cock and the bore of faking their orgasms.
You know it now, My helpless hand-fucker for life. I count you down alternating between grinding your dick into your hand and stroking, with a SNAP you are filling your hand with sticky cum.
Contains: mental domination,, masturbation encouragement, gooning, mind fuck, sensual domination, tit worship, femdom pov,, men following orders, cum countdown, goddess worship, powerful woman, addiction training.
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