Goddess JessiBelle - Babysitter Needs an Advance - Blackmail

Added: 14-06-2022

I know I haven't been working for you for very long, but I was wondering if I could have an advance on my pay? I am in a tight spot and I really need the money. You could pay me two weeks in advance and I will even work extra hours if you want. You know I will be here, I am good for it. Can I convince you?I know I will have to work hard for this, but if I could offer you something to make this deal a little sweeter for the both of us. Maybe you could even give me a little more money. I see how you look at me, so maybe if you give me just a little more money then I could help you out a little.I won't tell anyone, I will just take the money and you can call me any time you need a sitter! I know you are worried, you don't want to cheat on your wife. How about instead of touching me you could touch yourself and I could help you through. If you like this and are open to it maybe you could get a little more if you are comfortable. We could keep this up and I could get paid a little more and you could get a little more satisfaction!You agree that I deserve the money? You are going to give me even more money, because if you don't I will have to tell your wife that you took your dick out infront of me! I would hate to have to tell everyone that you are a pervert! It is in your best interest to give me extra money, if you do then we can keep this as a little secret between the two of us!
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