Natashas Bedroom - Gay Surprise JOI

Added: 12-06-2022

I know you're straight. You're so hard for me right now, when I'm shaking my tits and ass in your face, that you can barely hold yourself back from exploding. Do you want to cum for me? You nod. Would you do anything to cum for me? You're so straight that you can't stop yourself from saying YES. My cum countdown begins...Uh-oh! What's that on the screen? Is it a big fat COCK?? It's a gay surprise for you, gooner. Don't look at me. Look at that dick and jerk for it just like a homo would. If you want to cum, you'll have to cum like a faggot. At least the cum countdown will be over soon, right? No way. I have you right where I want you now, and I'm going to take advantage of your predicament. You resist at first, but it doesn't take long until you're pumping your brains out for COCK. You're sexually confused now, not sure whether you're gay or straight or something in between, but that won't last long. I'm going to show you what a raging homo you are. And by the time your cock explodes? You'll know that you're gay. You'll admit that you're a total fucking FAGGOT.
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