Penny Barber, Ella Nova - Ella Nova Is Your New Sissy Sitter

Added: 30-05-2022

Now that your wife and I have you living full time as our diapered sissy baby, we think you need a part time nanny. Someone who will give you spankings, creamies, and diaper changes when your Mommies are busy. We thought the most humiliating choice to be your new sissy sitter would be your old secretary, Ella Nova, so she is on her way now. Can’t wait to show her that you have traded in board meetings and power suits for diaper wetting and frilly plastic panties. Do you think Ella will still have a crush on her old boss after the first time she cleans the pee-pee off your little sissy clitty during a diaper change? I bet she will be thrilled that she can just shut you up with a pretty pink pacifier after taking orders from you for years.
Maybe I will do the same thing that I did to your wife and use my powers of persuasion to turn Ella into my lesbian sex doll as well. I will be fucking all the women you used to lust after, while you can only beg to make creamies in your cloth diapers.
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