Xev Bellringer - Swapping Bodies With My Sister

Added: 29-05-2022

(1080p, 60fps) My sister can be such a bitch. We fight all the time, ever since we were little. But that doesn't stop me from wanting her. I can't ignore how fucking hot she looks flaunting that big ass around the house in those tight leggings. I've fantasized about my sister for years now, even jacked off to her.
It was a secret... until the brat confronted me about it today. I was pissed that she was banging her douchey boyfriend. She figured it out and accused me of being a desperate, horny virgin and brushed me off as always. Then the doorbell rang.
Someone left a package addressed to my sister. The note inside mentioned some BS about how my sis and I needed to learn to respect each other... to see life through each other's eyes. All of a sudden my head started hurting, there was a high pitched buzzing sound... and I lost consciousness.
When I came to I was disoriented... then I saw the weirdest thing: my own body in front of me. It was so confusing until I looked down at myself. I was a chick! But not just any chick... I was in my sister's body. I couldn't resist rubbing and groping my new curves until sis woke up in my old body.
She started freaking out... she knew I had no intention of learning to respect her. My only interest was to her body. It was completely mine now. Finally getting to squeeze her big tits, rub and fingerfuck her wet pussy was everything I could have hoped for. Despite how much she begged me not to touch her body, my sister couldn't hide the hard cock in her pants.
Next thing I knew, she was on top of me, inching her raging cock closer and closer to my wet pussy. She couldn't have actually wanted to fuck... could she?? Masturbating in each other's bodies was one thing... sex was completely crazy! My sister said that it's what I get for not listening to her and thrust deep into me...
Fantasy includes: taboo, body swap, gender transformation, virtual sex, confrontation, bratty sister, self groping, pussy rubbing, finger fucking, coercion, virtual creampie, bra and panties, leggings, big tits, pov
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