Ceara Lynch - Security Code

Added: 26-05-2022

Mandy and I have the perfect plan to rob a bank... and you're a part of it. We know you have the secret code that opens a vault securing 50 million dollars. We also know you have a weakness for strippers. Disguised as just that, we invite you over for a private lap dance. When we finally get you alone, we serve you a Viagra cocktail, secretly mixed with napping pills to make you goofy and aroused all at once. We began slowly teasing you and coaxing you into getting completely naked and stroking to our young hot bodies. As your zombie state begins to kick in, we tease you more and more so you don't fall resting right away. We keep you close to the edge until your so woozy and aroused, you offer up the code effortlessly without realizing the repercussions. After finally getting the code, we have fun counting you down extra slowly, from 30. We bet part of the money between the two of us that you'll pass out before you cum. Think you can make it before pass out? We'll decide.

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