RheaSweet - Son convinces Mommy

Added: 29-04-2022

I'm finishing breakfast with my son, when I notice him looking at me intently. He wants to ask me a question but is too embarrassed. I am his mother, and he can ask me anything, no matter how embarrassing. He confesses he is having certain feelings in his private parts while around Mommy. My sweet boy is having completely normal cravings. But as his mother, those feelings are inappropriate. He is so curious and insists to know what a female body looks like. Can I show him my body? No, I can't, it's so inappropriate! But he is afraid if I don't show him that I don't love him! As his mother he needs to know I still love him. He wants to see so badly, but I can only show him a quick flash. Then we will never talk about this again. I pull up my dress and show him Mommy's body underneath. He likes it! I must admit I'm happy to make him feel loved again. He wants to feel Mommy's titties that used to feed him? Okay fine, but just this once. He used to suck on them anyway, so what's the difference now, right? Now he wants to know what a pussy tastes like? No, that's too far! Fine, just for a second. Then we're done, and you make sure you never tell your father! I can't believe we're doing this. It's fine though, right? I'm his mother. It's best for me to teach him, right? He likes the way that Mommy tastes. Wow I can't believe my son is actually making me cum! Now it's only right to make my son feel good after making me feel so good. I lay back for him to be inside of Mommy. It's going to be really hard for him to fight cumming, but I will will help guide him. He is doing so good! He wants to cum inside of Mommy. I don't think that's a good idea at all, but he can't control it and cums side of his mother anyway. It's okay, Mommy will take care of it. Let's get cleaned up before his father walks in and sees this.
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