Mistress Lola Ruin - My financial cuckold

Added: 11-02-2022

I'm very much enjoying the terms of our orgasm control contract, and seeing that as you grow more and more desperate to cum all your money is just flowing into my account. But... I'm annoyed you're only paying me for selfish reasons. You really need to be more selfless in your submission to me and in your spending. And there's nothing more selfless than accepting the role of My Financial Cuckold slave. I'm not making any changes to our previous arrangement. You will continue sending me daily fees, unlocking fees, and stroking fees. But in addition to that, you will begin funding my relationship and working hard to improve my life. You need to sacrifice so that you can give me more. Starting immediately, you will downsize your life so that there is more available to hand over to me. We'll start with an easy 51% of each paycheck going to me and Alpha. That's the minimum amount to really be putting my needs above your own. And that's 51% BEFORE any of your selfish stroking and cum taxes (because that money is selfishly being spent on yourself, even if it ultimately goes to me). From now on, you will be funding all of my dates now. Paying for dinner, drinks, a hotel, bed sheets, new lingerie... and should Alpha and I want to go on holiday together, guess who is paying for it? That's right, my cucky loser is going to pay! As more and more of your income goes to pay for your new place as my cuck, you'll have less and less spare cash to fund that selfish stroking habit. But that's okay. Cuckolds don't really need to cum. The sooner I accept that and embrace my place as my financial cuck slave, the better things will be for both of us!
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